Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who's ready for some Modiste?

When Meg and I were brainstorming this whole Kindred Thread concept, we both kind of admitted that we fantasize of sewing really amazing, over-the-top dolly ensembles. (This is what makes us kindred spirits, by the way.) Lacking an outlet to sell such things, we've mostly kept within the realm of cotton print Thirties and Forties dresses, but once you've gotten the vision for something wonderful, and found the fabric to match that vision, well, it's kind of hard to sleep at night.

Yes. We get that excited about doll sewing.

The result of this obsession with fancy things (which Meg says is not crazy at all) is our Modiste line, Modiste being a fancy way of saying 'fancy.' [Editor's Note. Modiste: one who makes and sells fashionable dresses and hats for women.] These will be auctioned off via eBay, although we will provide links on our site so that you don't have to hunt through 245973467 eBay listings to find them. You can bid with confidence knowing we both have excellent eBay feedback ratings - here is Meg's and mine. And these are truly one-of-a-kind items - we swear on our firstborns, Dorian and Betsy, that they will not be duplicated. Each will be gorgeously packaged and - did I mention - priority shipping within the U.S. is absolutely free?

Now here they are, for you to ooh and ahh over...

Kindred Thread March 2011 Modiste Releases

Scarlett BBQ dress

Scarlett's Twelve Oaks Barbecue Dress

by Nora's Room

for Kindred Thread Modiste

"Oh, fiddle-dee-dee!" Scarlett O'Hara is off to the Twelve Oaks barbecue
in her green sprigged muslin afternoon dress. The premiere release for Kindred Thread Modiste! Auction begins Friday, March 4 at 8 PM EST.

Scarlett BBQ dressVotes For Women! Edwardian Suffragette Dress with Sash and Hat

by Joni Lynn

for Kindred Thread Modiste

"Suffrage is the pivotal right." - Susan B. Anthony. Auction begins Friday, March 11 at 8 PM EST.


  1. I am in love with it all! So fun & inspiring!

    The clothing is just too, too lovely, and the descriptions, the photos, everything is brilliant!

    A few things I noticed that you might want to do (in addition to all the lovely things that are already absolutely perfect)....I didn't see a link from your website to this blog, and I didn't see a link from your etsy shops and Joni's blog to this blog and the website. Maybe they're there and I missed them....I only noticed this because I hadn't bookmarked your blog or website, and so went to your shops to look for links first, found the link to Joni's blog...etc,etc.

    I'm so excited for you both! So wonderful to be doing something that you love so much and can do so well!

  2. Thanks for the comments and suggestions! We'll work on strengthening the... uh, kindred threads between the various sites.