Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Pippaloo: Friend of Kindred Thread

From the very beginning, Joni and I envisioned using Kindred Thread to showcase the work of other doll crafters whom we admire. Today we want to introduce you to our first Friend of Kindred Thread: pippaloo, creator of incredibly realistic polymer food for 18" dolls.

Meet Teresa of pippaloo:

"When I picked up my first block of clay four years ago I never intended nor could I have even imagined I'd be now spending my days making food for dolls. My obsession started out quite innocently when my girls suggested we make some cookies for our dolls. From day one I was hooked.

"As a SAHM I feel blessed to be able to focus my creative energies on an outlet that my girls and I enjoy together- as well as to be able to share with others who have a genuine love of dolls. There is an old adage- 'do what you love and love what you do'. I feel I have both of those abundantly covered."

This month, pippaloo made us an exclusive Walk-away Waffle Cone to go with our 1904 World's Fair ensemble:

This ice cream cone is all kinds of awesome--the scale is just right for wee doll hands, and the texture is incredible. I'm also completely in love with these, which are perfect for doll pool parties on our back porch:

And the Pièce de résistance:

Pippaloo and Kindred Thread have lots of goodies planned for the coming months. (True story: I just bought two yards of a feedsack fabric specifically because it reminded me of creamsicles!) In the meantime, stop by pippaloo's Etsy shop and prepare to drool!

P.S. Bidding on Meet Me at the Fair closes tomorrow at 8 PM EDT. Check out the auction listing and make sure to add it to your watch list.


  1. Pippaloo is highly recommended by my "girls" as well. :) Her talent is amazing, and her kindness is heart warming.

  2. That was such a stroke of genius thinking for Kindred Thread and Pippaloo to team up for this! I have to say, that personally, I couldn't possibly recommend Pippaloo TOO strongly - she's so sweet, and her work is just SO very impeccable.

  3. I think those popsicles look good enough to eat! I need to get my daughter some for her 'girls'.